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Miracles still happen with NLP!
The Advanced NLP Health Certification Training in Holland is the training experience where you can learn to work miracles for yourself and your clients. Now that you have your Master Practitioner level skills, it is time to take what you've learned to the next level, and truly become more unconsciously competent using your NLP skills. When you think back to what attracted you to NLP in the first place it was probably to be your best self in any situation, figure out how the mind works and to live more consciously. This is your opportunity to learn how to make that happen in a fascinating and easy way, within the context of Health and Wellbeing.

Trial Classes from the NLP Health Certification Training are offered to students who have the intent to study Advanced NLP and Health with the world's top trainers Robert Dilts, Tim Hallbom, Hans Polak and Suzi Smith.

The Trial Classes will be given throughout Europe by Master Health Trainer / Coach, Entrepreneur and Shaman, Hans Polak from Holland. He will be assisted by master trainer Tamara Huilmand.
Hans organizes the Advanced NLP Health Certification Training, developed by Suzi Smith, Tim Hallbom and Robert Dilts. The six th edition of this fascinating course, starts on May 19th 2012 in Holland. He teaches the themes 'Death and dying from an NLP perspective' and 'Seeing your destiny' in the Health Certification Training. In the past 20 years he assisted hundreds of people in dealing with very serious health issues. He believes that the body-mind-spirit connection is interwoven and cannot to be seen as separated items. Processes and techniques from the Health Certification Training, influenced his way of working significantly. These tools enabled him to work much faster in coaching people towards balance, health and wellbeing. For many years Hans studied shaman energy-medicine with Alberto Vilolodo. This energy-work added to his pallet instruments at the spiritual level.

Through demonstrations, exercising and discussions you will learn some fascinating techniques, models and processes from the Health Certification Training.
In this Trial Class you will explore the topics:

  • The relation between curing and healing,
  • The impact of fear to the immune system.
  • Limiting beliefs crystallizing as pain in the body.
  • Communicating with your symptom.
  • The body-mind-spirit relation.
  • The unconscious mind as healer.
  • The fourth position (the field / system), 3rd generation NLP.

Techniques shown will be:

  • 'THE SCORE DANCE' - activating the immune system resolving the 'stuck state' of a patient.
  • BODY PARTS CONSTELLATION - An NLP Health-angle about systemic work.

Master Practitioner NLP or studying for Master NLP is required as a prior condition to attend this class.

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