Worst enemy

Fear (iStock: © Anetlanda)

Using this technique, you can shrink your enemy down so that this person loses his threatening effect.

By "worst enemy" we mean a person in whose presence one feels inhibited and / or insecure. With the following procedure, you can eliminate such discomfort quickly and effectively.

  1. Think of a person in whose presence, up to now, you feel afraid, insecure, inhibited, nervous or any similar feeling. Where and how do you see his image in your "mind’s eye"? Is it some distance away or right in front of your nose? Does the person in your imagination life-sized or does he seem bigger? When you look at him, are you looking straight ahead, rather down at him or up at him? Is the image of the person located rather to the left or to the right? Is the picture in color or black and white? What feeling arises in you when you think about this person? Where in your body do you feel this feeling the most? If you do not consciously see your inner pictures, you still process them on a subconscious level. Just imagine for this case that you would be able to see the pictures consciously.
  2. Now imagine a small black-and-white TV, a few meters away from you, to the left and on the floor.
  3. See this person's picture now in the small black and white TV screen. What changes in your feelings when you see this person as a small black and white image, to the left and down on the floor? (As a rule, the discomfort decreases significantly, or even dissolves completely.).
  4. Now, with your eyes closed, allow the image of the person to appear in its original form in front of your mind's eye (for example, in the upper part of the field of vision, larger than life). Then shrink the picture of the person and see it as in the small black and white television, downwards and a few meters away from you. Then open your eyes.
  5. Repeat step 4 five to eight times. It is important that you close your eyes at the beginning and open them at the end for a few seconds before you go to the next repetition. The repetitions train your brain to automatically complete this process in the future. The formerly "overpowering" worst enemy shrinks in your experience back to the normal person that he actually is. And you can face this person again in the future armed with all the power of your abilities.
  6. Imagine, you would meet this person. How do you experience the situation now?

If you are not satisfied with the result, repeat step 4 more times. Sometimes more frequent repetitions are necessary to achieve the desired result

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