Become the Director of Your Life!

Do you sometimes have pictures in your mind which put you in a positive or negative mood? Do you sometimes consciously imagine the future or do you let bad situations from the past keep you awake at night? Sometimes you may hear an inner voice admonishing you or placing demands on you, saying: "You are not good enough!" "You must perform better." "Work harder otherwise you will fail." If you've never heard those voices be grateful, because these "ghosts" can massively influence our lives. But now this will come to an end. From today, you will take charge of your destiny and become the director of your mind.

First of all, let's start with a little exercise which will demonstrate how you can deal with your inner world differently. Please imagine a goal you would like to achieve.

Visualise the best moment. Maybe this is the moment when you have just reached your goal and realise: "I have succeeded!" Now, think carefully about exactly what you are imagining. Are you seeing images? Can you also hear anything? What are you feeling? Now examine each impression and ask yourself: Am I seeing a picture or a film? Is it a colour or black and white film? Where do the voices and noises come from? Also, observe what form this inner vision has. Having perceived this, it is time to become the director of your inner home cinema. Change the vision now. Enlarge the pictures so that you see them as if on a huge cinema screen. Add stronger colours, choose a good camera angle.

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