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On this page we present you a collection of our free NLP e-books. They cover different topics from beginners to NLP professionals. Download the books in PDF format and learn more. We wish you a lot of fun while reading.

What is NLP?

NLP simply explained

E-book: What is NLP?

Neurolinguistic programming, NLP for short, is a motivation and communication model that was developed in the seventies. It was developed by the analysis of very successful psychotherapists and is used today in the most different areas of life, like therapy, sales, guidance, partnership and in handling children. This e-book is an introduction to neurolinguistic programming.

From the content:
What does NLP stand for? – What does NLP bring – Where does NLP come from? – Quotes about NLP – Is NLP dangerous? – The effectiveness of NLP – The NLP assumptions – The Top 10 NLP techniques – Learning NLP, but how? – How do I start as a beginner? – Possibilities to learn NLP – NLP training structure – NLP certificates – fields of application

More joy of life with NLP

Unleash your full potential

E-book: More joy of life with NLP

During the last Practitioner in Turkey I wrote a NLP e-book. You can download the PDF with the 25 pages for free on our website. Read it fast and get valuable motivating know-how.

In this e-book I introduce some very important NLP basic techniques. for example state management, anchoring and goals.

The e-book is mainly written for NLP beginners or NLP repeaters who want to refresh basic knowledge in a motivating way.

Throw yourself into the adventure of your life! You are a unique being and it is up to you to celebrate great successes in this life and to draw everything into your life that you wish for.

Special Edition Neurolinguistic Programming

Discover the world of NLP

E-book: Special Edition NLP

This e-book for beginners contains the basics of NLP and is part of our NLP package. In it you will learn how important perception is and how you can sharpen your perception.

Another topic in the e-book is emotion management with the Charly-Brown technique and the use of anchors, as well as the formulation of goals. Use these tips to shape your life and achieve your personal goals.

Find out how you can promote your creativity with the Walt Disney strategy and which exciting possibilities NLP still opens up for you.

Graves Value Model

Where we come from and where we are going

E-book: Graves Value Model

The psychology teacher Clare Graves has developed a model that describes the development of the human being and his values. In this e-book I describe this model. Graves identified eight different value systems. He builds on the work of Maslow, who became famous for his pyramid of needs.

With the help of this model, one's own life and the history of mankind can be traced. On each level, different things are in the foreground in life. These have an influence on our form of society, how we deal with our partners, the meaning in life and much more. The model helps us to understand why wars break out and conflicts arise. It also helps us to find ways to end them and find inner peace.

Those who use this model wisely will be able to convince more people and understand themselves much better. He will be a better leader and a better partner. The model is very powerful.

The future of NLP is yellow

A view into the development possibilities of NLP

E-book: the future of NLP is yellow

In this e-book Stephan Landsiedel explains which potentials still slumber in NLP. Up to now NLP has been a toolbox full of methods to optimize communication and an effective coaching and therapy tool. But NLP is above all a method for the personal development of each individual person. It contributes to the fact that more and more people are enlightened in their own way and can realize their best possible potential in the sense of the integral model.

The title is based on Graves' value model, where yellow is the level where systemically networked complex thinking and thus a great developmental advantage is at stake – as in the future of NLP. Here the development has just begun.

The goal of Stephan is to animate people to integrate NLP into their lives and thus activate their full potential for the benefit of all and the planet.

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