NLP Eye Accessing Cues

Short, unconscious movements of the eyes in different directions provide information about the representation system from which information is being retrieved. The following diagram applies to most "normally" organised right-handed people. For left-handed people the sides may be reversed.

Note: This pattern is a generalisation, which of course does not always apply. Therefore calibrate!

VC  Visual Constructed (Fantasised Inner Images)
VRVisual Remembered
ACAudio Constructed (Fantasised Noises/Sounds)
ARAudio Remembered
ADInner Voice(s), Inner Dialogue

Examples of Questions on how to Evoke Eye Accessing Cues

The Eye Access instructions are those which are most easily accessible to the external observer.

Questions to evoke visually constructed images:

  • Can you imagine a purple coloured cow?
  • If you wanted to repaint your room, which colour would you prefer?
  • Can you imagine how you look when you weigh 5 kg less?
  • Imagine an elephant on a cloud. A parasol hangs from the cloud, and a black and white checked mouse with roller skates on its feet.
  • What will you look like when you are 80 years old?
  • Imagine the top half of a ball resting on a cube.
  • How would you look with green hair?
  • Imagine the German flag, but with the colours yellow, brown and pink.

Questions to evoke visual memory images:

  • What color are your mother's eyes?
  • What color was your first car?
  • On which occasion did you see your current friend for the first time?
  • What color is the carpet in your bedroom?
  • How many doors are in your house/flat?
  • How many windows are in your house or apartment?
  • Who was the first person you saw today?
  • What does the dial of your alarm clock look like?

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Questions to evoke auditory memory:

  • Think of your favorite song and hum it inside.
  • Remember the conversation with the last person you spoke to yesterday.
  • Try to hear the sound of your car's engine inside.
  • Try to hear the difference between your doorbell and your telephone bell inside.
  • Which voice that you know is most unpleasant for you?
  • Which voice do you prefer to hear?

Questions to evoke auditory construction:

  • What would a bagpipe sound like that plays the national anthem backwards?
  • What would thunder sound like that slowly turns into harp music?
  • How would it sound if an entire soccer stadium sang your name?
  • Now compose a song in your head.

Questions to evoke kinesthetic access cues:

  • Imagine what hot sand on the beach feels like.
  • Remember what your first kiss felt like.
  • Remember the last time you had to make an emergency stop.
  • When you are depressed and sad: what can make you cheer up the fastest?
  • How does it feel to jump into cold water with a heated body?
  • What does the bite of a mosquito feel like?
  • Wie fühlt sich ein Steinchen in Deinem Schuh an?

Questions to evoke an olfactory/gustatory approach (pay attention to mouth and nose movements):

  • What does a lemon taste like?
  • What does a rose smell like?

Inner Dialog:

  • What rhymes with "cup"?
  • How does the alphabet continue after "O"?
  • Formulate a letter inside!
  • Say a few appreciative words to yourself.

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