The Swish Pattern

The Swish Pattern helps to get rid of annoying habits and build up strong positive motivation.

In the standard Swish the submodalities: size, brightness and distance. This works very well in many cases.

Simply described:

  • The target image becomes larger, brighter and comes closer.
  • The unwanted image becomes smaller, darker and removes itself.

The design swish uses the critical submodalities (= driver submodality) instead of size, brightness and distance. The trigger image is transformed as elegantly as possible into the target image using the driver submodality.

What is NLP?


  1. Theme/Context:
    Find an unwanted behaviour or reaction.
  2. Triggering Image:
    Associated. What directly precedes the unwanted behaviour? This should be a some unpleasant feeling.
  3. Creation of a Target Image:
    Dissociated. How can someone on the outside recognise that you are a person for the ... no problem is that you have the qualities and resources to react in the desired way. Great attraction should come from the picture.
  4. Swish:
    Now do the Swish with both pictures. Start by making the triggering image of the context large and bright. Then place a small dark picture of the target in the lower right corner. The small dark image will become larger and cover the first image completely, which will simultaneously fade and shrink as fast as you can say "Swish".
  5. Repeat the Swish at least 7x.
  6. Test:
    Now imagine the first picture of what happens? This will be difficult if the Swish has worked. Another way to test it is to test the behaviour in real life.

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