NLP-Kongress 2014 in Zeilitzheim

Hans Polak und Tamara Huilmand:
How to use NLP with Health issues - The reality of state management

Hans Polak

Tamara Huilmand


Whether you realize it or not, we are all influencing our health by our state. What our physical body is engaging in is not the influence of the outside world we?re familiar with but a dream, the mental picture we craft with our eyes open.

When we´re unaware that we all share the power to create a state that keeps us healthy and balanced, that power slips away from us and our health turns into a nightmare.

As a basic principle, we all know that our mind has a lot to do with our state of being. And that our state of mind is the gateway to our soul and also to the soul of our client. Changing what our client does is not the issue, it is changing the state of mind, which imprisons them.

Creating your perfect state before you assist a client using NLP techniques is creating the fundament for the result and outcome in health issues.

Ihr Nutzen aus diesem Vortrag

In this workshop we wil show you:
  • The power of state-management, building on the light and healing energies we have - Confidence, love, inner strength, ecstasy, belief - tapping from the great wellsprings of healing-potential.
  • That changing what a client does is not the issue, it is changing the state of mind, which imprisons them.
  • A technique called "Giving Forgiveness" from our 5 day Landsiedel training Health Coach Module (A8.2) in september 2014, effective for cancering persons.
  • How to increase your confidence using NLP in the context of health issues and gain new maps with greater insight

If you want to be pushed or drawn towards new directions using NLP in the context of Illness and health, you should not miss this opportunity.

As highly experienced NLP healing arts practitioners Hans and Tamara bridge the worlds of NLP, Medical interventions and Energy medicine.

Profile der Trainer

Hans Polak
Developer, writer, trainer, consultant and NLP health-coach. Hans is one of todays guru's in the field of NLP and Health and recommended by several medical doctors for his effective treatment. He is co-owner of Coaching Plaza, the largest Coach Company in Holland. With 80 coaches situated in every part of Holland Coaching Plaza delivers health-coaching near every town. He is Senior Coach and Trainer with over 36 years of experience. Hans appreciates the individual needs of his students and his clients. He values working in partnership to ensure that what he delivers makes a difference to the client and/or his organization. To achieve this he gets straight to the heart of the issue by first listening to understand the real challenges and aspirations. With a deepened insight, he does the right thing by designing and implementing intelligent holistic solutions and truly embedding the change.

Tamara Huilmand
Developer, trainer, performing arts coach, hypno-artist and health-coach in NLP. Tamara is one of todays top trainers in the field of NLP and Health, recognized by many psychotherapists and medical doctors for her skills in having people connect with them selves and with others, when burned-out or severely ill. She is co-owner of Coaching Plaza, the largest Coach Company in Holland, guiding and coaching the 80 health coaches in their work with clients. She is Senior Coach and Trainer with over 25 years of experience. Tamara is head-teacher at the school of Sjamanism in Germany and Holland using the ancient wisdom of the inca's for healing on an energetic level. She is well known for helping people getting to their core-state and specialized in body-movement and body-expression-techniques.

Hans Polak und Tamara Huilmand

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