Frank Pucelik - The Secret Third Man

Frank Pucelik
  • After 30 years of silence, he goes public.
  • The secret third man and co-founder of NLP

Contrary to public opinion, John Grinder and Richard Bandler did not produce NLP alone. There is a third competitor who, after thirty years of silence, has now come out in the open: Frank Pucelik.

Key data on Frank Pucelik

  • 1945 Birth in Nebraska USA
  • Raised in San Diego Country under difficult family circumstances
  • Cancellation of studies due to poor performance after three semesters
  • Start of voluntary service with the U.S. Navy
  • Medical training with the Navy
  • 1966 marksman in the Vietnam war
  • 1967 traumatised return to the USA
  • Resumption of his studies and several times freestyle to the best student of his subject due to good performance
  • Beginning interest in personal development to deal with his trauma
  • 1968 Marriage to the student Judith Ann DeLozier
  • 1970 birth of his son Eric
  • Moved to Santa Cruz and began further studies at Kresge College
  • Social commitment at the college and leading Gestalt therapy groups
  • 1972 Getting to know Bandler, who by chance also offers Gestalt therapy groups at Kresge College and decides to work together
  • Involvement of John Grinders and development of the meta-project
  • 1973 separation from his wife Judith and partnership with Leslie Cameron one year later
  • 1974 Change of Pucelik's position in the research group. Grinder and Bandler spend more and more time together and Pucelik becomes the organizer, mediator and confidant.
  • 1976 Turning point: Pucelik is thrown out of the research team. Bandler asks him to leave and Pucelik loses everything.
  • Despite completing his Bachelor's degree in psychology in the same year
  • 1977 Foundation of the Meta Institute in San Diego
  • studied psychology and organizational consulting in Los Angeles and graduated with a master's degree in 1982
  • 1983-1987 Professor at the Oklahoma University in Norman and extension of the Meta Institute in Meta International, Inc.
  • 1987: Establishes Russian contacts, moves to Moscow and begins an international career as management consultant
  • Today: President of the Pucelik Consulting Group, residing in Odessa, Ukraine

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