Gestalt Therapy

Wholeness (Pixabay: © Okan Caliskan)

Gestalt therapy enables one to come to oneself, but also to come to others. The focus here is on building a sustainable, long-lasting relationship. The theory behind it is that our thinking and all behaviors are governed by forces (referred to by gestalt therapists as "unfinished business") that are unconscious to us. Petzold, whose school is mainly practiced in the European region, divides the course of gestalt therapy into four phases (initial phase, action phase, integration phase, reorientation). In therapy, past unfinished business is uncovered and processed, thus enabling free action in the present. The goal is to make the person a "gestalt" who experiences themselves consciously and has an undistorted image of their personality. Gestalt therapy can be used in individual sessions, but also works well in groups, making it well-suited for coaching.

Names: Fritz and Lore Perls, Paul Goodman, Hilarion Petzold

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