Talk Therapy

Attitude of a therapist
Attitude of a therapist (Pixabay: © geralt)

The talk therapy initiated by Carl Rogers is one of the three major therapy approaches established in Germany (alongside behavior therapy and psychoanalysis). Rogers' basic assumption is that every person is inherently good and knows best how to solve their problems. The therapist is there to mobilize the patients' strengths and ensure that they unfold and develop. Three characteristic attitudes of the therapist are briefly mentioned here:

  • Congruence / Authenticity: Gestures, Facial Expressions, tone of voice, and Body Language should create a consistent picture.
  • Appreciation / Acceptance: No matter what the client thinks, feels, or does, the therapist's task is to appreciate it.
  • Empathy / Sympathetic Behavior: The therapist should try to understand the client and their problems.

The goal is to provide the patient with an atmosphere in which they can express themselves freely and openly without fear. This gives them the opportunity to consciously and freely deal with their feelings and thoughts.

Names: Carl Rogers, Reinhard and Anne-M. Tausch

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